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We created this product to improve digestive function, eliminate stomach discomfort and excess gas while getting rid of bloating in a matter of days.


Advanced Prebiotic Compound

Jerusalem Artichoke & Inulin Root Powder
  • Banish Bloating and Digestive Disruption Fueling your intestinal tract with healthy prebiotics, probiotics, and digestive enzymes ensure that gassiness, stomach discomfort, or diarrhea is a thing of the past.

Super Probiotic Blend

Lactobacillus: Sporonges, Plantarum, Paracasel, Acidophilus, Rhamnosus, Reuteri, Casel Bifidobacterium: Longum, Animalis actis, Breve
  • Restore Balance To Gut's Ecosystem Optimizing the ratio of good-to-bad bacteria by supplementing with prebiotics and probiotics are some of the fastest ways to improve digestive health and reduce stomach discomfort.
  • Supports a Healthy Immune System 80% of your immune system’s health comes from your gut. Nourish yourself with healthy gut bacteria to supercharge your immune system, fast!
  • Helps Enhance The Metabolism Prebiotics help support your metabolism while improving the breakdown and utilization of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins.

Advanced Digestive Enzymes

  • Patented Complete Digestive Enzymes Most digestive enzyme supplements don’t contain the full and effective blend of essential enzymes. Inno Gut Restore does and we use DigeSEB® which contains a complete blend of amylase, protease, lipase, cellulase, and lactase.
  • Patented Complex to Reduce Gas, Bloating, Diarrhea, and Heartburn DigeSEB® has been proven to reduce all the stomach problems above. This is one of the most studied and proven effective blends of advanced digestive enzymes on the market.
  • Digest Anything DigeSEB® helps your body naturally digest foods ranging from legumes, milk, soy, cereal, various grains, and meats. Users can’t believe that they can consume foods that used to disrupt their stomach and don't anymore.


Rapid Results

We created this product to improve digestive function, eliminate stomach discomfort and excess gas while getting rid of bloating in a matter of days.

Improved Mood and Energy Levels

98% of neurotransmitters serotonin and dopamine (responsible for happiness) are created in the gut. Nourish yourself with healthy bacteria that can help improve your mood and energy levels substantially long term.

Long Lasting Immune System Strength

Over 70% of immune system cells live in the gut. By overwhelming the bad bacteria with healthy prebiotics and probiotics, you can help fortify your immune system and long-term health.

Healthy Hormone Balance

In both men and women, hormonal balance equals more energy, better sleep, and a feeling of being happier and ‘normal’ without becoming as easily irritated.

  • ★★★★★


"My mental sharpness improved and brain fog completely lifted after taking Inno Gut Restore for just 2 weeks! After just a few days, I noticed a substantial improvement in bowel movements and digestion. Thank you for creating such an amazing product!”

- Mike M (Inno Gut Restore beta tester)

INNO GUT RESTORE (Formerly Known As Billion Pro+) REVIEWS

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Soraya S.
Love it!

I’m just a couple weeks in and my constant bloating went away. This product is great so far. No taste to the capsules and i like that it is both a probiotic and pre biotic which most brands dont offer.

Graciela G.
Amazing product, works well.

I have used this product for about 3 weeks and had been using a much high-priced pre and probiotic prior to trying this one. I like Inno gut restore a lot better. The price is right and it does the job. I also love the fact that i can take this to go without having to refrigerate it. Highly recommend giving this a try!

Irvin S.
They help with digestion for sure

I can’t say enough good things about these probiotics! Easy to travel with and keep my digestive system on track. Highly recommended.

Odell B.
Pretty good - works well

I have taken other probiotics and none of them were nearly as helpful as this one. They can cause minor bloating if you eat a ton of processed food. I feel better, my stomach no longer gives me issues and it is great!

Scott S.

I was looking for a probiotic that had the supplements to help breakdown alcohol. I bloat pretty excessively after drinking. This helps with the bloating. I take it almost every morning. Haven’t gotten any side effects yet! Great product.

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